Another Cool Website

So I found another awesome website for programming: They have a 30 days of code challenge that I think will be fun. And you can select multiple languages to participate in, so I think it’s time to really brush up on my C++ and Java. And I think I’ll pick a new one to learn as well.

Don’t worry FreeCodeCamp, I haven’t forgotten about you! Still working on my weather app…

More FreeCodeCamp!

So I’ve done more of the challenges on and I’m really enjoying keeping up with this. The ‘About Me’ page was a little blah, but that’s mostly because I never know what to say.

Then there were a bunch of scripting challenges, which were fun, but pretty easy, took me only a few hours compared to the estimated 50. So that felt good, but I’m sure the advanced ones later will be much harder.

BUT! This last project was fun. I got to use an api (thanks forismatic!) to generate random quotes with the press of a button, and even send them to twitter. It’s not much, but it’s mine, and was fun figuring out. Check it out here. There’s so much to learn on this site, I love it!

Let’s learn JavaScript!

So I’ve stumbled upon and it sounds like the perfect way to keep learning JavaScript in small chunks while life keeps me busy. I’ve decided to post here about it to hold myself more accountable so I don’t “forget” to do it and give up. Considering I can even complete the lessons from my phone, I really have no excuse.

So I’ve done a few of them already, and here is my first project: a tribute page to my hometown, Miamisburg, Ohio. It’s nothing fancy, but it is my first webpage from scratch, so it’s okay to be jealous 😉

Starting to work on the next project now. It’s an About Me/Portfolio Page. Super exciting stuff. I’ll keep you posted.